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Martin Smith guitars

Martin Smith guitars are a popular choice, particularly for beginners looking for a cheap acoustic guitar to practice on.

You can find Martin Smith acoustic guitars kits – which come with guitar stand, strap, plectrums, tuner and gig bag, for as little as £59.99. It’s no surprise then that they are a great choice for those buying their first acoustic guitar.

Martin Smith guitars are also very popular for those buying a first guitar for children, with acoustic guitar packs featuring a smaller guitar on sale for less than £40.00.

As well as acoustic guitars, Martin Smith also sell affordable electro-acoustic guitars and classical guitars.

Read our Martin Smith guitar reviews below and find the best guitar for your needs:

Martin Smith acoustic kit
Martin Smith guitars

Martin Smith Acoustic Guitars

Martin Smith are most known for their cheap acoustic guitars.

There are several acoustic guitars in the Martin Smith range:

Martin Smith W-100 Acoustic Guitar

The W-100 is perhaps the most popular of all Martin Smith guitars.

Costing as little as £59.99 for a full starter kit including a guitar strap, strings and plectrums, this reliable acoustic guitar is perfect for beginners looking to learn the basics and build up their guitar playing skills.

Find out more and buy the Martin Smith W-100 below.

acoustic guitar

Martin Smith W-101 Acoustic Guitar

Part of the famous W-100 range, the Martin Smith W-101 acoustic guitar pack comes with added extras.

If you want a bit more in your acoustic guitar starter pack, the W-101 comes with a clip-on tuner, guitar stand and gig-bag, along with the strap, strings and plectrums you get with the W-100.

You also get the full size (39") acoustic guitar - making it a cost-effective option for beginner guitarists.

acoustic guitar

Martin Smith W-700 Acoustic Guitar

The W-700 is Martin Smith's more premium acoustic guitar.

It features a high-quality matt finish and a full 41" 'dreadnought' body shape.

Other premium features include the chrome machine heads and embossed headstock.

The Martin Smith W-700 is still a cheap option - costing around £50-£60 - so is great for beginners who want a bit more style.

Martin Smith W700 acoustic guitar

Martin Smith Electro-Acoustic Guitars

For those looking for a cheap but reliable electro-acoustic guitar, Martin Smith has just one in their range - the W-401 E.

Martin Smith W-401 E Electro-Acoustic Guitar

The W-401 E is suited to beginners who want to try playing through an amp without shelling out too much money.

This electro-acoustic is available in a traditional sunburst colour, or in white.

It features a beautiful cutaway body with rosewood fretboard and slim-line neck and has a built-in transducer so the player can plug it straight into an amp.

Find out more and buy the W-401 E below:

Martin Smith W-401E electro acoustic

Martin Smith Classical Guitars

Martin Smith have a large range of cheap classical acoustic guitars. All of their classical guitars are priced under £40, and they come in a wide range of colours.

These guitars are great for all beginners who want to learn to play classical guitar, but are also ideal for children as they are all 3/4 size guitars - making them lighter to hold and easier to play.

Classic guitars feature nylon strings for ease of playing, and are available in an array of colours.

Martin Smith classic guitars

Are Martin Smith guitars any good?

As with most things, you get what you pay for when it comes to acoustic guitars.

Martin Smith guitars are very cheap, which means they are perfect for someone who is learning to play and wants their own acoustic guitar to practice on. They are cheap for a reason though, and you will find that as your guitar playing ability improves you will soon be looking for a better guitar.

That’s not to say you should disregard Martin Smith guitars completely – they are ideal for people starting to learn to play because they require very little financial commitment. To save disappointment though, you should view a Martin Smith guitar as the entry-level acoustic guitar for beginners.