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What music do smart people tend to listen to?

Ever wondered what kind of music smart people like?

No, me neither – but a software developer-type person in the US called Virgil Griffith has, and he reckons he’s come up with an answer as well.

Virgil has developed a method to track exam results in US colleges, and then match them against the most popular bands that students at each college like on Facebook.

Not exactly the most scientific of methods, but it does throw up some interesting results.

For instance, Radiohead are one of the top bands for clever people – along with U2, Led Zeppelin, Beck and Bob Dylan. On the thicker, or ‘less academically minded’ side of the chart you’ll find the likes of Beyonce, Jay-Z and Nickelback.

You can read all about Virgil’s methodology here, and see the full results below:

clever music chart