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6 Tortex Plectrums

  • 6 Assorted(one of each weight)tortex guitar picks
  • best seller
  • firm grip
  • assorted colours
  • long lasting

Dunlop Tortex plectrums

If you want to play guitar, then you need good plectrums – and they don’t get any better than Dunlop.

The legendary Dunlop Tortex range provide great value for money. They’re durable, consistent and reliable – everything you need from a guitar pick.

This pack of 6 Tortex plectrums offers fantastic value for money – costing just £1.34!

What size are these plectrums?

Standard plectrum size – 31mm x 26mm

How long are the plectrums?

Standard length of approx 1 inch


Weight 1.00 kg


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