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Encore E6 Electric Guitar – Red

A fantastic-looking guitar in striking red:

  • Retro comfort-contoured body design for a classic feel
  • Smooth maple neck coupled with a rosewood fingerboard featuring a 10″ radius. Scale length of 650mm
  • Trio of Guitar Tech single coil pickups, boasting exposed pole pieces for a raw sound
  • Authentic control setup with 1 volume and 2 tone rotary knobs, plus a versatile 5-way pickup selector switch
  • Time-honored 3-ply pickguard with a classic shape

Embark on your musical journey with a guitar that inspires a lifetime of playing – the Encore Blaster Series. Perfect for all levels of guitar player, whether you’re playing for personal enjoyment, relaxation, or aspiring to start a band and perform in pubs and clubs. Remember, every famous musician started somewhere, and this guitar is an excellent starting point.

Designed by British Guitar Guru Trev Wilkinson, known for his work on Fret-King and Vintage guitars, the Encore Blaster Series is crafted with the player in mind. Wilkinson has poured his vast experience and innovative design skills into creating a guitar that stands out in playability, balance and tone. The tonewoods selected for these guitars provide the ideal foundation for a rich, authentic sound, while the custom hardware and pickups bring a professional edge to your playing.

The Encore Blaster Series boasts a vintage-style and comfort-contoured body, ensuring hours of comfortable play. The smooth maple neck and rosewood fingerboard with a 10″ radius make playing a breeze, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player. The scale length of 650mm is perfect for achieving a wide range of notes and melodies.

Equipped with three single-coil Guitar Tech pickups, featuring exposed pole pieces, this guitar captures every nuance of your playing style, producing a sound that’s both raw and refined. The classic configuration of one volume and two tone rotary controls, along with a 5-way selector switch, gives you complete command over your sound.

Completing the design is a classic-shaped 3-ply scratchplate that not only protects your guitar but adds to its retro charm. The custom-designed hardware and vibrato bridges significantly enhance both the tone and playability, making the Encore Blaster Series a credible choice for players of all levels. This guitar isn’t just an instrument – it’s a companion on your journey to becoming a passionate and inspired musician.