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Tiger Music Gels Guitar Plectrums (12 pack)

  • 12-pack of Tiger gels guitar plectrums
  • Each plectrum offers strong durability and smooth finish
  • Tiger logo motif on each plectrum
  • Assortment of different pick weights (heavy, medium and light)

Tiger Music Gels Guitar Plectrums (12 pack)

Buying in bulk always make sense when it comes to guitar plectrums. Picking up the odd one or two at the counter of your local music shop can soon add up – particularly if you are a frequent player and are prone to losing them (who isn’t!)

That’s why Tiger have now introduced this handy 12 pack of their Gels guitar plectrums, which features an assortment of guitar picks in different colours and weights (light, medium and heavy).

This awesome 12-pack of plectrums provides unrivalled value for money and quality, coming with Tiger’s renowned reputation of great quality products at great prices.


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